Openstack Based Private Cloud Solution

C-Box is an Openstack based private cloud solution based on converged systems technology. The C-Box brings together compute, storage, network in to a single building block making it into a highly resource-dense configuration. C-Box is open-architecture, with various top-of-the-rack hardware and software configurations having been tested and deployed using this solution. The C-Box series comprises of three standard solutions, with each configuration customized further to client’s requirements.

24x7x365 Network Operations Center

The C-Box solution comes together with VaporVM Managed Services. Our 24x7x365 network operations center comprises of the best network, infrastructure, Openstack and SDN support available around the globe.

The C-Box solution can be availed up and running within 3-weeks of the order. VaporVM prides itself on possessing engineers who can execute these deployments in record times as compared to the industry standards.

Optimized Applications Introduced By C-Box

The C-Box solution has been further optimized for specific applications.

  • Hadoop based C-Box
  • Citrix VDI based C-Box
  • Unified Communications based C-Box
  • Storage based C-Box

The C-Box solution provides better economies than AWS, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure. Any C-Box solution can be availed at CAPEX or OPEX based modes of payment.