As companies cope with the growing amount of corporate information being generated every day, they face a daunting truth: without their data, they have no business. Crippling cyberattacks and equipment failures, human errors, and natural disasters commonly put an organization’s operations at halt.

At best, data loss or IT downtime can be an expensive inconvenience. At worst, it can be a catastrophic financial blow

Organizations need a backup service to get their business up and running again fast after a disaster or data loss – without draining IT resources in the process. Over the last decade, cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions have emerged as secure, cost-effective and reliable solutions.

VaporVM provides you with solutions that are coherent with your business structure and objectives. Our goal is clear: ensure organizations get back up and running quickly and reliably after a data loss event, ‘like it never happened!

DRaaS is an enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution that provides rapid failover to a second site with the flexibility to boot from the appliance or cloud.

DRaaS Key Features

  • Secure migration of your servers (physical or virtual) to DR Infrastructure without impacting your production servers
  • Failover of DR services within a maximum of 15 minutes of production server outage
  • Failback to your choice of hardware– same or dissimilar
  • Flexibility to failback on Physical or Virtual instance
  • Point in time recovery to save on bandwidth
  • Store to any cloud; your own cloud, our cloud or leverage a third party cloud


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